As summer is fast approaching we found it fitting to make a line of drinks that give off the summer vibe but also keeping them very British. This cocktail brings together that classic summer cider “Kopparberg” and brings in other fruits and empowers the taste of strawberry. Using fresh fruit to bring some insane bursts of flavour and matching it with refreshing taste of “Kopparberg” also with a dash of vodka but we will keep that between us, makes this cocktail one to put on your list for your family BBQ in the summer.

image1 (5)Ingredients:

52.5ml/1.8oz Vodka
12.5ml/0.4oz Peach Schnapps
50ml/1.7oz Apple Juice
Half a Slice of Lime
2 Full Strawberries
Bottle of Strawberry and Lime Kopparberg


1 Mint Sprig
1 Full Strawberry
Slice of Lime


Step 1: Place the half slice of lime and the two full strawberries into a Boston/Manhattan shaking tin and muddle to retrieve the juice inside the fruit.
Step 2: Pour the required measurements (above) of Vodka, Peach Schnapps and apple juice into the same Boston/Manhattan shaking tin as the fruit then add ice and shake vigorously.
Step 3: Strain the alcohol and juice from your Boston/Manhattan shaking tin over ice into the glass you are using for the drink.
Step 4: Top up your drink with the bottle of Kopparberg you have.
Step 5: Garnish your Kopparberg Fruit Punch with one mint sprig, slice of lime and one full strawberry.

Tweet me your versions and enjoy!



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