“Shaken not stirred… and a few strawberries please” A martini can be made in a variety of ways with lots of creative and wonderful concoctions. This is a very simple one but one you will always be running back for more and questioning your local bar for not making them. Simply adding fresh muddled strawberries, strawberry syrup, sugar and the beautifully elegant spirit of gin this cocktail is set to blow your socks off each and everytime.

image1 (8)Ingredients:

50ml/2.6oz Gin
25ml/0.8oz Fresh Strawberries
50ml/0.8oz Fraise
12.5ml/0.4oz Simple Sugar Syrup


Half a Strawberry


Step 1: Add four or five fresh strawberries into your cocktail shaker and muddle.
Step 2: Add gin, simple syrup and fraise with ice to your cocktail shaker then shake vigorously.
Step 3: Double strain your drink from the cocktail shaker to your martini glass.

Tweet me your versions and enjoy



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