As far as fun, outgoing party drinks go this drink tops the list. Obviously by the name this martini is mainly made around candyfloss. When exposed to liquid candyfloss will melt back into its original sugar state, which adds an effective sweet flavoring in the drink while also adding a very attractive glow from the base of the drink. We wanted to make this drink taste insanely good while also giving it an amazingly attractive look and we think we achieved it with flying colours. Give this drink a try at your party and your guests will be thanking you for years to come.


50ml/1.8oz Vanilla Vodka
25ml/0.9oz Blue Curacao
25ml/0.9oz Bubblegum Syrup
12.5ml/0.4oz Lime Juice
50ml/1.8oz Apple Juice
Small pinch of candyfloss dropped in


Small pinch of candyfloss on the side


Step 1: Add all ingredients into your Boston/Manhattan cocktail shaker.
Step 2: Place a small pinch of candyfloss into the base of the empty martini glass.
Step 3: Double strain the ingredients from the Boston/Manhattan cocktail shaker into the martini over the pinch of candyfloss.
Step 4: Garnish your drink with a small pinch of candyfloss and place on the side or add to the drink for heightened sweetness.

Tweet me your versions and enjoy



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