GinConsider the type of gin

Now it should go without saying that the better gin you use the better the spirit will taste. However there are a lot of different variations of gin and its good to know what you you like and what end of the scale you are. On one end on the scale is typical drier types of gin such as Beefeater, Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray. On the opposite end of the scale is flavored gun and grape based gin. These type of gins take flavoring from sloe and well grapes. Now grape flavored gins aren’t as well known as the typical dry gins but there is one gin which has came out of Spain known as Xoriguer. As for sloe, a lot of big brands play around with this favoring as it grows in popularity but gordans seem to be the brand that have done it well to this point.

GarnishAdd an extra element

The reason certain cocktails take off in the public eye for their taste is the small extra elements behind the drink. Take the famous “Sour” for an example, a very simple cocktail with only four ingredients. Your choice of spirit, sugar, egg white and lemon juice. Now we aren’t saying you should be adding egg white to your gin and tonic but the secret may be behind the lemon juice. Much like lime lemon juice can go extremely well with gin. Other elements to consider may be cucumber a requirement in Hendricks, as we mentioned lime but also try some other lesser known elements like  basil or lemongrass. These make your gin and tonic extra special.

Tonic WaterConsider your choice of tonic

The tonic water you choose can be just as important as the gin your using. Similar to gin there a lot of different variations and certain types of tonic water suit different types of gin. Traditionally people usually steer more towards slimline tonic or light tonic. This type of tonic is a sugar free version of tonic. But contrary to popular believe gin is one of the best spirits for having a low calorie count and low sugar count so push the boat out a little. A tonic that goes really well along side a dry gin is bitter lemon. Bitter lemon adds an incredible dynamic on the drink and you can experiment with other elements such as lemongrass or basil along with it. Next time you go for your tonic don’t go for your usual tonic, try things out you never you might fall head over heals for these quirky flavorings.

Fruit Ice CubeFruit ice cubes

Now this is something very creative you can do with minimal effort. Now this may not go well with dry gin but certainly grape and sloe flavored gin will go perfectly with this. Simply place a piece of fruit in your ice cube tray, I’d recommend a type of berry or even mint and/or basil. Fill up tray with water surrounding the fruit, place in the freezer and wait for the water to freeze around the fruit. Come back to and add it to your gin and tonic. As the ice slowly melt it will release the flavours of the fruit you have placed inside the ice cube giving a small growing flavour that will become more and more clear to your taste buds the longer you drink.

Take one of these items on board in your next gin and tonic or all of them, you wont look back after doing this. A simple gin and tonic two flavorings spiced up and made fun and exciting. Let us know what you do to take your gin and tonics different  and if you’ll be using any of these items.



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