Have you ever walked into a bar, off license or supermarket and saw an array of spirits with flavoring such as vanilla, strawberry, cherry and even pepper. You wish you could take all of them home with you and try in ever drink you can think of but its just far too expensive. Well im gonna teach you how to easily do it from home in these simple steps.

Clip Top BottleBuy all the necessary equipment and ingredients

Now I know i just did say how expensive it is to buy the already flavored spirit but you can save a lot of cash doing it yourself. Your gonna need;

Spirit of your choice. Id recommend vodka it will work with almost every flavoring you can think of.
Fruit or any infusing ingredient you can think of. You can use simple berries or go a down a different road and use things like marshmallows or skittle sweets.
Kilner clip top bottle. The clip top bottle will be where the spirit which we are infusing will be kept.
Finally Sugar. Sugar will be used to add any sweetness which may be lost doing this.

Infusing the spirit

Fill your clip top bottle with the spirit you are using. Then add around 2-4 table spoons of sugar, then add the fruit you are using to infuse the drink with. Shake the clip top bottle twice every day. When all the sugar has dissolved (this may take two weeks) strain out the spirit into a separate bottle or tub and remove the fruit inside the clip top bottle. Fill the clip top bottle with the infused spirit you’ve just strained out of it and there you have it.

Now I know what you thinking, this process takes a while and whole idea of having weirdly flavored spirits may have dropped off after two weeks which is why i would recommend purchasing a few clip top bottles to stake a few flavours. Waiting two weeks for a simple strawberry flavored vodka may be underwhelming but waiting two weeks for strawberry, marshmallow and even pepper if you so desire flavored vodka will be well worth your time.



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