First of all what is Malibu rum? Well Malibu rum is obviously from the name a rum but a lot of people and bars place it more under the liqueur section of spirits. They do this because Malibu rum is given a flavoring using a liqueur. The makers Pernod Ricard use a wide variety of flavoring liqueurs now, in previous years they did make this rum a break out and now mainstream spirit using a coconut liqueur, giving this rum a taste unlike any others. There are now a huge selection of Malibu rum, ranging from tropical fruit like banana, passion fruit, island melon, mango and pineapple, to more weird sort after liqueurs such as Malibu fresh which uses mint or Malibu red which uniquely uses Tequila.

Pina Colada.pngAs for where this rum came well it started as a product to make pine coladas easier to make for island bartenders in and around the Caribbean. When the product took off it was moved to Barbados where the rum is distilled and manufactured by the West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd where quality ingredients are used to fully improve the product which is now available worldwide and is one of the most common rums available to date. As for cocktails this rum is used to wide variety of drinks for just how practical it is and how different and unique the taste can be.

Malibu may not have the biggest of history or even the most interesting of history but it is one of my favorite spirits and the world seems to agree with me.


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