Sugar syrup is a quick and useful alternative to using granulated sugar in cocktails while also being very easy to store. So why spend money on such an easy to make ingredient. Im going to show you how to make your very own sugar syrup. Note that you can also use this is coffee or tea if you desire.

Equipment and Ingredients

There isn’t much to making this but there are five things you will be needing. The first is sugar, i would recommend a bag of granulated sugar you can get this from any local store or supermarket. The second is simply water, tap water will do just fine. Third is a large bowl to make the sugar syrup in, Fourth is just a bottle wit a top on to store the sugar syrup in and finally the last thing you will need a large spoon for stirring so lets get to it.

Sugar Syrup ArtThe Process

First thing you’ll need to do is work out a ratio of water to sugar. A common ratio is about 60% sugar to 40% water, personally i prefer to lean more on the sugar to make the syrup more thick so I would recommend 70% sugar to 30% water, feel free to play around once you know how to make it to find a ratio you like. Now measuring is difficult with this you can use a measuring cup or simply spoons or jiggers to help you but really this is guess work.

Once you know your ratio fill the bowl with the measure of the sugar you are using and boiling hot water. Stir the water until all the sugar has dissolved, this can take a while so maybe make this in from of the TV or computer would be a good idea to help pass the time. Once you cant see any remaining grans of sugar give the syrup a taste and see how thick it is. If its too watery in the way it moves or tastes add some more sugar and stir once again. Repeat the process until you feel its thick enough for you or tastes like syrup such which is very sweet.

This is very simple but time consuming process which is why I recommend making large quantities of it to save you time if you are thinking of making lots of mojitos or daiquiris for an upcoming party. You will be saving huge amounts of money you do buy syrup in instead of making it.



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