As much as it says it in the name the french martini did not come from France but instead just around 3,600 miles West in the big apple New York city. It was invented by a man named Keith McNally at one of his bars in New York called “Balthazar” in Soho 1996 right in the midst of the 1990s cocktail Renaissance. You may be asking why its named the “French Martini” after discovering this. Its called this because of its french born elements, a raspberry liqueur called “Chambord” and after 1998 using the french vodka “Grey Goose” which also comes from France but is manufactured in the States. The French Martini is a beautifully well done french for all with a sweet tooth.


50ml/1.8oz Vodka
12.5ml/0.4oz Raspberry Liqueur
35ml/1.2oz Pineapple Juice


1 Raspberry dropped in


Step 1: Shake vigorously all ingredients together in a Boston/Manhattan cocktail shaker with ice.
Step 2: Double strain from your cocktail shaker into your martini glass not over ice.
Step 3: Drop a single raspberry in foam head to garnish the drink.

Tweet me your versions and enjoy!





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