Christmas is fast approaching and the frantic search for presents or gift ideas for loved ones and friends begins. If like us your maybe not so sure of what to buy or maybe if you know anyone who loves anything to do with cocktails then we have some brilliant gift ideas for you. Sorry if you were expecting Tom Cruise.

The Little Book of Cocktails | £5.89
Gift Ideas 1.png

This little book is the prefect answer to “a small gift”. Its absolutely brilliant for anyone who has an interest in cocktail making and wants to make it a hobby, it gives you a break down of equipment and techniques in no more than two sentences even giving you money saving options for them. Along with all this it also gives you tips on making cocktails, tips on how to throw the perfect cocktail party and of course the cocktails themselves. I wish i had something similar to this book when i started out, I can’t recommend this more.

As a side note the “Little Books” brand also have similar style of books in a whole host of topics.

Mojito Cocktail Kit | £20.00
Gift Ideas 2.png

The mojito is one of the most popular cocktails in the world (rightfully so), So its a safe bet for who your buying for is a lover of this cocktail. If that’s the case then this set can’t get any better for them. This set contains all the necessary equipment not just for a mojito but for cocktail making in general. Along with the equipment it also contains six… yes count them six highball glasses, a Boston cocktail shaker (for some reason, but its there I guess) and finally the best part your very own manual ice crusher. Now you may be thinking this has to be expensive right? Wrong! All of this comes to total of £20 an absolute steal.

Fee Brothers Bar Cocktail Bitters | £35.45
Gift Ideas 3.png

If who your buying for is a little more experienced in making cocktails and really wants to start creating unique and memorable flavours then look no further. Bitters and make the biggest difference in a cocktail and with this set of sweet flavours including grapefruit, lemon and peach just to name a few.

Kilner Infused Drinks Set | £18.00
Gift Ideas 4.png

If the person your buying for is burning through flavored spirits such as raspberry vodka or spiced bourbon then maybe this is for them. These kilner bottle do exactly what they say they do, infuse drinks. You can use almost any combination ingredients in these such as vodka with cinnamon and vanilla extract. With some research you can make some insanely creative spirits with very unique tastes, I personally think anyone and everyone should own these. If your unsure on how these work we’ve done an article on them here at Artistry and Alchemy over on our miscellaneous tab.

Cocktail Lip Balm Gift Box | £16-£18
Gift Ideas 5.png

Now this is less about the practicality and more about it being well… brilliant. This cocktail lip balm gift set contains four popular cocktails imagined as lip balms. You can choose from eight different famous cocktails such as a Pina Colada, Mojito, Amaretto Sour and Margarita just to name a few. Between you and me I would love this!

As a side note there are also prosecco lip balm gift boxes available.

Gone with the Gin Book | £6.99
Gift Ideas 6.png

If your looking for something more humorous as a stocking filler and this is it. Gone with the Gin book gives you a whole host of cocktails recipes and even food recipes but with a twist. The twist being all are imagined and based on musicals, comedy movies, thriller movies and so on. The names will make you giggle and cringe much like any humorous book at Christmas time should.

Strawberry Daiquiri Humbugs | £6.95

Could it get more festive than these humbugs infused by strawberry daiquiris. Close your blinds, kick your feet up and bring a somewhat Christmas beach to your living room. This unique jar of humbugs is brilliant for any sweet lover, cocktail lover or Christmas lover and all for a very low price of £6.95. The perfect stocking filler for any cocktail and/or Christmas lover.

As as side note if strawberry daiquiri don’t take your fancy they also a wider selection including mulled wine and cherry amaretto.


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